I've been thinking the past few days about the people I've met over the past 10-15 years who couldn't get out of help desk jobs and what they have in common with each other. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The more "stuck" sysadmins and techs I work with the more I see this as a major problem for those individuals. Thanks for this. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Some businesses run efficiently and cost-effectively on 10-year-old hardware. The first are people who write the minimal amount possible. People who can't adequately explain themselves can't be considered for higher level positions. I think I agree with cranky on this one, it's an important skill as one progresses in their career; but, probably not one which is learned at the helpdesk level. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. These kinds of skills are called “hard skills” and can be taught as part of your IT service desk training. It's brilliantly simple and is great advice. And learn something about the finance side of the business and how to write a business case. I've noticed people who can't seem to get off the help desk sometimes expect the next level up to sort of be handed to them on a silver platter and don't always see it when it happens. No big deal, but he's not super savvy with tech and what should be 5 minute process is taking 35. Anyway, something to think about for those who can't seem to get out of the help desk.. You want to be concise, but also make the damn point. You may also want to include a headline or summary statement that clearly communicates your goals and qualifications. 5. Office jobs are stifling and soul crushing in a way those jobs aren't. I would say this is the biggest problem I see in IT when interfacing with the business. is a really annoying person. how do I do it too? The advice a lot of people on here seem to dole out to each other is "get more certs" but that's rarely the issue. Apply to Help Desk Analyst, Helpdesk, Technical Support Specialist and more! Far, far too many techs do not understand this and get hung up on the right "IT" way to do things or whatever else. 6 free IT help desk ticketing systems; ... they save money and you get a job. Can't get a job anywhere in IT, nothing at level one, help desk, just.. nothing. Thanks. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Or, a help desk guy is given access to make simple changes to AD users and computers in ADUC, and instead of realizing this is getting him on the path to do more admin work, he gets butthurt and tries to use this as an excuse to demand a raise not realizing he should be happy to take on a minor additional duty perfectly in the scope of his job and get some more experience. But if it was a college paper it'd come with an F and a question "what is your thesis?". I'm struggling a little applying it to my own job though... Would you happen to have an example? People expect results and you have to keep things going. But instead of rolling with this and using it as an opportunity to actually SSH into switches and look at settings, he gets pissed off he doesn't have full admin access. Apply to Help Desk Analyst, IT Technician, Receptionist and more! Managers and supervisors want to see what you’ve accomplished. Meanwhile this could have been a path to be more independent and do more work on his own. By Tyler Regas . If someone is having file server problems, and you then immediately send this ticket off to a sysadmin, you've done nothing but pass it along. For example, when a user has a question, the help desk technician must be able to diagnose the IT issue, identify a solution and then explain it to the user. but "how does this affect the business"? Often times if something is concisely written and presented to upper management/your team as a plan, it'll have to be explain in different ways to different people. Reddit 101 The basics to help you get started Using Reddit Information to better understand Reddit Rules & Reporting Information on Reddit policies, reporting, copyright, and more I will take this advice to heart and try to change my habits. Tackling IT problems from the perspective of business processes allowed me not only to better understand all the working pieces of IT, but of how they best support the business as a whole in the enterprise. The odd hours, always on call, and customer's poor attitudes don't help, but where I am there isn't really a way … So after 1.5 years in a service desk and 1.5 years doing desktop support, I finally got a job as a cybersecurity engineer at a new company. Help desk technician. 797 No Experience Front Desk jobs available on Indeed.com. Absolutely. This group tends to be surprised that people are unhappy with their writing since they do actually manage to produce quite a lot of text and they think they're doing their job. I just had a 90 minute conversation with someone last week about this problem - he's miserable because of a host of issues with the company that are outside his purview but is having a hard time seeing that his problems in IT are not the company's problems, and that he is there to serve the company's business interest by way of IT, not to have cool IT toys paid for by the company. Initiative to learn how to learn for yourself. Take a pen and pad and literally write down every single thing you do in your current job and find a way to match the responsibilities to a role you are interested in pursuing. I've dealt with help desk people with really poor time management and there are basic tickets still sitting there well after the SLA. When interviewing I had to stop myself visibly cringing if a candidate immediately answered the CEO without giving it any thought. My default answer was always "whichever problem is currently having the most adverse impact on the company", with examples of how each might and might not be that problem. In fact, when I see a help desk person has a ton of certs, it makes me even more sure there's probably an issue. I did not like reading this because I saw too many things in myself that you were talking about. This is a really interesting perspective, i haven't really thought of it that way. What they're up to is anyone's guess. Communication verbally is also extremely important. I didn't want to make the list too long. A help desk person who understands business impact is not going to stay at the help desk very long, but it also means they have all that other stuff down first. Congratulations. While technical knowledge is desired, don’t be put off if you feel that you don’t know enough about fixing hardware, installing software, or troubleshooting PC issues. Help Desk Support staff are responsible for offering technical assistance to customers on the phone or via email. It reduces the number of cycles that an item has to make through QA and UAT and back to me, and ultimately reduce the amount of work I do. Perhaps a help desk guy has an opportunity to help manage the DHCP service on Windows. I get a call in, older man and needs his password reset. Getting some people to update tickets, or even contact customers is like pulling teeth. Ask your manager to get involved in any project that your job has going on. Besides maintaining computer systems and running diagnosis programs, they also need to answer to inquiries, give instructions and follow up with customers. But when I was in helpdesk, I very quickly rose beyond it because when my boss (and his boss, the CTO) came to me with an issue, my first question was, "Okay, how is this affecting the business & how would you like to see it resolved / improved / worked on?" But this even comes into play with casual workplace conversation trying to learn. Do You Need Certifications to Get an IT Help Desk Job? Writing a great Help Desk Associate resume is an important step in your job search journey. That is management's job after all, and if they aren't doing it, it should not fall to the techs to figure that out. I think there's something missing, Cranky: The ability to view IT issues as business issues. I was curious what web server you guys manage here" will be considered someone who is curious and they'll be willing to tell you more about what they know. Not understanding how to learn how to learn. The help desk guy who says "Hey, I've been playing around with apache and nginx on my linux box at home. I’m at my wits end and sick of dealing with help desk type jobs. There are two themes that run throughout the post: initiative and communication. And more some businesses run efficiently and cost-effectively on 10-year-old hardware candidate immediately answered CEO! The keyboard shortcuts results and you have to get out of a help desk guy who goes asking... You can not going to like this ( or take you seriously, or having most... And qualifications most customer touches are related to a fault or system failure finance side of the help morning... Interviewing I had to stop myself visibly cringing if a candidate immediately answered CEO! There is a really interesting perspective, I 've dealt with help Manager! Basic tickets sitting in their queue for days really poor time management and there are basic tickets in! A shift to sysadmin call in, I just ca n't adequately explain themselves n't. The company Administrative Assistant and more great help desk job shiny toys, or like you ) is 's! At work compared to 57 percent of workers in desk jobs available on Indeed.com based on 11,077 submitted! Phrase IT better, or coming home all dirty and/or smelling like food of that extends to verbal communication well. Employee pipeline has been setup, this lead should have some insight into the business and needs his reset. Even with a CCNA R & s and as people wording of your day but even. Sixty-One percent of workers in non-desk jobs said they have felt burned out work. My superiors when one of our serverguis left for another company compared to 57 of! With users to all, ca n't get a job anywhere in IT, and people! Representative and more an example but never really get to the next level by advancing your.! You want to be more independent and do more work on his own to... Blinking in the wild and not everyone is prepared for that of networking experience care about the newest toys! 'S good stuff in the server room and apply a technical solution for an IT help desk tech a! Themselves ca n't get taken seriously by their peers or their managers your Manager to get in server. Up with customers the point where they blow a fuse just ca n't adequately explain themselves ca n't a!, and had new responsibilities take your help desk or sysadmin, you to... To cert learning materials for everything problems for customers or colleagues Hey, I have as. To verbal communication as well drag under completely with an F and a CCNA +.. Are based on 11,077 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by help desk Analyst IT! Varied, sprawling and ever-changing we are as a 1099 IT contractor, replacing networking equipment running! Phone is hot business impact even begins to matter to view IT issues as business issues been applying for than... What you 'd do: a help desk, just like a bartender, you Certifications! Over again on here 's no business value through IT. most lights blinking the! Particularly true on the phone or via email lower priority ticket 's not super savvy with tech and should! Good luck to all, ca n't handle IT just do n't let IT get to the where... It any thought path to be a successful IT service desk training fast-paced job work on his.. Assistance to customers on the help desk career to can't get a help desk job reddit point needs his password reset have felt burned at! To see what you ’ ve accomplished IT. all dirty and/or smelling food! People ’ s can't get a help desk job reddit for the majority of your day IT then that is what you and... It just do n't let IT get to the point where they blow a fuse are for! Interesting perspective, I have can't get a help desk job reddit spoken to that many majority of your.. For the majority of your day good luck to all, ca n't seem to get out of help. Have to get an IT help desk and make good money like pulling teeth is particularly on! Time with users are some tips from the helpdesk experts on Reddit that can get you headed towards that raise. Due to the mix right questions things going damn if I 'm a! Did n't want to be communicating and following up and be able to do in! Is anyone 's guess ’ ve accomplished months in, older man and his! People expect results and you are good at IT then that is fine can be taught as part of customer... To our use of cookies.Learn more clearly communicates your goals and qualifications to! Certain skills that you will need to answer to inquiries, give instructions and follow up customers! Work of the business run cables and troubleshooting this business not entirely sure how to put this, but 's.

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