When you read a post asking for advice regarding the appropriate way to give a medication to reduce damage as much as possible, perhaps try to be, well, anything except “oh my god” acting like I’m killing my kid. In a laboratory study, scientists evaluated the genotoxic impact of sodium benzoate in cultured human cells. Look that up, too! Is benzene the same as benzoic acid? we are consuming this from multiple forms. Food additives (sodium benzoate) are specifically designed to do one thing: screw up the modus operandi of an organism, and we are organisms. They found that the chemical significantly increased damage to DNA (which triggers cell mutation and cancer) when it was added to the cells in various concentrations. This lasted for six months until I found a naturopath to help me after scores of medical tests where they were unable to find anything wrong. Upon a 2007 review of this problem by the FDA, many levels of benzene were found to be below acceptable limits, but in some cases, they were not, in which case drink manufacturers were required to reformulate their products. I think you need to learn the difference between ascorbic acid and citric acid. The alternative of not preserving products would be catastrophic. (Dripping sarcasm.). I like to add squeezes of fresh citrus (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, etc.) Very scary and I check everything now as when I first got it I was unaware of the cause. Where can you download ringtones for free? Since many people consume soft drinks on a regular basis and the preservative is usually unnoticed in most diets, benzene levels may be very high for heavy soda drinkers. Industrially, sodium benzoate acts as a corrosion inhibitor, and is used to keep many different types of metals from rusting. to my water to give me some variety. Do not feed your children this poison and please look after your own health. These also grow for free. C) turns the benzoate into benzene, which then can cause cancer. How do you know that it doesnt create benzene? That make the urine less acidic. Normal, stand by: weakness, nausea, lack of motivation, hot/cold flashes, general malaise. I'm allergic to this preservative. Period. Alert for asthma patients: all products that contains sodium Benzoate caused an asthma attack to my nine year old child within four hours. The only poison I have knowledge of that I still consume doses of on purpose is Tequila. I hope and prey your child stays well. Remember, the main cause of foodborne illnesses is bacteria, not the preservatives that prevent bacteria. The latter is, in fact, a form of Vitamin C. The former is not. There is no pain in my muscles, way less fatigue issues, clearer thinking and the list goes on. Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent wiseGEEK The concern about carcinogenic benzene development arises only when ascorbic acid and benzoic acid or benzoate salts interact with one another. Sodium Benzoate is better. When these preservatives are added to foods and to the interior of metal cans that contain beverages or liquid foods, they can have a detrimental effect on your health.

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