For best results, stretch and apply these elastic bandages before securing the Velcro closures.According to the manufacturer these elastic bandages … Convenient to store, easy to use ACE™ bandages Keep extra support close at hand. Buy Premium Elastic Bandage with Velcro, 6 x 5 yds. at Showing 1-4 of 4 Matching Products. Your Selections: Remove Elastic Bandages Cardinal Health Market SM. These premium elastic bandages with velcro have a 1' Velcro start strip and a 2' Velcro closure strip for easy and securefastening. Buy McKesson Medi-Pak Knit Elastic Bandage Wraps with Velcro. Premium Elastic Bandages are a non-slip compression and support wrap that uses no pins, clips, or tape. Find ACE™ bandages with clips, hooks, and self-adhesive styles. Free 2-day shipping. Ideal for extra support at work or home. The legacy … Designed to meet the varying needs of patients and healthcare professionals, Cardinal Health™ Elastic Bandages deliver consistent stretch, compression and support. This is an Ace Bandage type compression wrap. Available in 4 sizes: 2" x 5yds, 3" x 5yds, 4" x 5yds, and 6" x 5yds.

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